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We are a full service photo studio located very near Downtown Dallas. Our specialty areas are Product Photography, Headshots for models and actors and executives,  and of course our award winning portraits. We are the go to  resource for a very many clients nationally. Our site is different than most,  we offer lots of information about the services that we offer because we are, well, kinda proud about the work that we do and our incredible customer services. Each one of our specialty areas has its own section with details of the service offerings. Our blog has lots our photographs and reading material on a wide range of subjects.

Dave Buchanan, the co-owner and primary photographer at Image Fusion  has over 30 years experience creating great images for advertising ,  promotion and products as well as thousands of family portraits, professional portraits and bridals across the country.  The philosophy at the studio is to do what it takes to create images that are beyond the  extraordinary.  These are not just empty words but is part of our “dedication to the image”.

Our clients see the difference from the first meeting with us.  We are not simply trying to cram in as many sessions as we can like some “mall locations”.  We are totally focused on providing the perfect photograph as well as a enjoyable experience for our clients.  We make extraordinary images, that is clear by taking a look at our galleries, but we know there are a lot of talented photographers in the Metroplex that also do pretty darn good work.  We believe that our difference is the quality of the services that we offer and the flexibility that we provide.  We can create your vision photographically.

We are happy that you took the time to visit our site and we want the opportunity to earn your business.  If you have any questions on our services or capabilities please drop us a note we will be happy  to chat with you about your specific needs and put together a plain to create your perfect family portrait,  headshot or product campaign.


Some of our recent Blog posts

  • Headshot Photography session with Nick

    Headshot Photography session with Nick

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    Had an outstanding Headshot session with Nick.  He is a budding actor and a Whovian. Here are a few of the shots .


  • Shooting Savvy

    Shooting Savvy

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